Peripheral Visions Wins


My über-collection, Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories (IFWG Australia Publishing), has won the 2015 Australian Shadows Award for Best Collected Work in an online ceremony that took place in the evening of Friday, 22 April 2016. Read all about it here.

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Goodreads Review: Backstreets

backstreets-coverMy novel Backstreets remains one of the most significant, and perhaps the best, stories I’ve written. Just thinking about it fills me with a complex of emotions. It was published in 2000, several years after the death of my stepson, Luke. Neither directly biographical nor autobiographical, it nevertheless comes from deep within me, exploring grief and in some of the characters paying tribute to memories of Luke and some of his friends. Reading back over the novel now fills me with both sorrow and a sort of melancholy joy — joy that it exists in memory of a precious son lost way too soon. He still haunts the backstreets of my mind.

Author Alan Baxter has written a review of Backstreets on Goodreads. If you want to get a sense of the novel, Al has captured much of what I feel about it and why I think it so worthwhile to have written it. It’s out-of-print now, but one of these days I will investigate the possibility of re-publishing it.

With Alan’s permission I reproduce his review below:

This is an astounding book. It’s about grief. Utterly, thoroughly, this story explores the sheer and total injustice of someone lost too soon, too young. I’ve experienced more than my fair share of grief and this book is thoroughly authentic. That it was inspired by the sudden death of the author’s young stepson (as explained in the afterword) only makes it tragic along with genuine, but what a powerful legacy in that young man’s memory. This is a brilliantly written exploration of humanity. And it’s a ghost story, whether the ghosts are real or the shades of memory, humanity, grief, doesn’t matter. Is there really any difference anyway?


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New Story Online: Breaking the God Partition


A new story, “Breaking the God Partition”, has been published on the website of Cosmos Magazine: The Science of Everything.

The story arose from research I was doing into post-humanist thought. It depicts a future in which humanity has evolved into something different — homo cosmica if you will. Yet in the background homo sapiens continue to exist, if not thrive — providing a gene-pool where alternative developments happen that could make homo cosmica obsolete.

As an author the challenge was to keep the characters recognisably human and identifiable enough, while giving them an alien nature — humanity changed by time, genetic manipulation and technology, but sharing our genes nevertheless.

Check it out. It’s free. You can read “Breaking the God Partition” here.

Image credit: Gatsby


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“…something you’ll want to pull from the shelf time and time again”: Review of Peripheral Visions

Excellent review of my mega-collection Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories on the review website Thirteen O’Clock. Read the review and check out my breakdown on salient parts of it here.


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Footprints Inserted in New Anthology

A new SF/fantasy/horror story based on the life and [future] times of Gilgamesh and titled “Footprints in Venom” has just been published in the anthology Insert Title Here, edited by Tehani Wessely (FableCroft Publishing, 2015; ISBN 978-0-992553-41-8).

ITH-CoverA weird title, yes, but one suitable to the content. Just consider the blurb:

Dark, weird realities.

Within these pages they discovered monuments to a dying alien race, sentient islands caught like fish, a tree that grows pencils, a baby transformed into a hummingbird, and a steampunk Maori whaling crew.

They were afraid, as you should be afraid. They saw life, death and the space between; metamorphosis, terrible choices and bitter regrets.

[Names redacted] looked into the abyss, and what they saw within was nameless and terrible.

This is that book.

Enter if you dare.

<<Insert Title Here>>


2B by Joanne Anderton
Oil and Bone by Dan Rabarts
Almost Days by DK Mok
Collateral Damage by Dirk Flinthart
Her Face Like Lightning by David McDonald
Empty Monuments by Marissa Lingen & Alec Austin
Beyond the Borders of All He Had Been Taught by Alan Baxter
Circa by Caitlene Cooke
Living in the Light by Sara Larner
Always Another Point by Alexis Hunter
Footprints in Venom by Robert Hood
Salvatrix by Marianne de Pierres
Ministry of Karma by Ian Creasey
Reflections by Tamlyn Dreaver
Sins of Meals Past by Matthew Morrison
The Final Voyage of Saint Brendan by Tom Dullemond
One Who Knows by Darren Goossens
The Last Case of Detective Charlemagne by Kathleen Jennings
The Winter Stream by Daniel Simpson
The Falcon Races by Thoraiya Dyer
The Art of Deception by Stephanie Burgis

You can buy the book as a physical book or as an ebook from the usual online suspects or direct from the publisher.

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The Shark God Covenant on Award Shortlist

The shortlist for the 2014 Australian Shadows Awards has been announced, and “The Shark God Covenant” is in line for the Paul Haines Award for Long Fiction (novella). Winners announced on 24 April 2015. The other works in the category are given below.

Paul Haines Award for Long Fiction (novella)

  • Darcy Coates – Ghost Camera
  • Shane Jiraiya Cummings – Dreams of Destruction
  • Robert Hood – The Shark God Covenant

See the full Australian Shadows Awards shortlist list here.

“The Shark God Covenant”, based on Fijian mythology, was published in Dimension6 Speculative Fiction e-zine, Issue 3, 2014 and in a full volume of the year’s Dimension6 stories, Dimension6 Annual 2014. If you haven’t read this story, and would like to, it is available free in either ipub or mobi format from this site.

The Australian Shadows Awards are run by the Australian Horror Writers Association. They are a juried rather than given out by popular vote and are Australia’s only horror-dedicated awards.

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Peripheral Visions is Officially Launched

Last weekend, I attended Supanova in Melbourne, where I saw my latest book (from IFWG Australia Publishing) for the first time — and it was glorious. The publisher had a limited number of standard hardcover copies available, along with Volume 1 of the trade paperback. I took pictures of the hardcover in my hotel room.

The whole thing:

PV-Supanova-release2015.00One of the inside pictures:

PV-Supanova-release2015.02The beginning of the last story in the collection, a previously unpublished 22,000-word novella written especially for this book, “The Whimper”:


Quite a thrill to see!

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Peripheral Visions: The Movie? Not quite…

With galleys closely perused and corrections duly noted – and an awesome job done by the talented Nick Stathopoulos on the wrap-around cover for the limited edition hardcover – the release of Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories is looming over the horizon.

Now there’s a trailer. Check it out:

Created by Undead Backbrain Productions (that’s right. Me.)

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Peripheral Visions Is Coming Into View


Previously announced definitive collection of ghost stories by Robert Hood, now sporting the title Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories, is well into pre-order phase, with special offers galore being announced weekly by the publishers, IFWG Australia. It is due for release in early April. As the numbered limited edition deluxe hardcover – which includes images created by Nick Stathopoulos, a special signature page and superb wrap-around cover, and comes with a free 30,000 word ebook of zombie stories called Haunted Flesh (an offer only available on pre-order) – is limited, you need to get in straight away before the numbered copies have gone. Check out all the details on the publisher’s website.

To celebrate this, a dedicated Peripheral Visions website has just launched. Check it out here.

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Work Eligible for Ditmar Award Nomination 2014

Each year members of the National SF Convention vote on the Best Australian SF/F/H work for the previous year. Before the final vote, however, “natural persons active in fandom, and … full or supporting members of the national convention of the year of the award” nominate those works they think are worthy of consideration. Those with the highest number of nominations go on the shortlist, from which winners will be chosen by vote of members of the current and previous National SF Conventions.

This year’s Natcon, Swancon 40, takes place in Perth on 2 – 6 April 2015, where the Ditmar Awards will be voted upon and presented. Eligible stories were published in 2014.

Last year I was privileged to win the Ditmar Award for Best Novel for Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead. This year I have nothing so massive to offer up for consideration, though a list of my eligible, and of course slightly less massive, works — should you wish to nominate any of them — appear below.

I put them up for your convenience, not to pressure anyone. It just makes the process easier.


  • “The Shark God Covenant” in Dimension6 Speculative Fiction e-zine, Issue 3, 2014 and in a full volume of the year’s Dimension6 stories, Dimension6 Annual 2014. If you haven’t read this story, and would like to, it is available free in either ipub or mobi format from this site.
  • “Flying Death”, a Rocketeer novella, in The Rocketeer: Jet-Pack Adventures, edited by Jeff Connor and Tom Waltz, IDW Publishing, Sept 2014. Available in print only from online stores.


  • “Dark Mechanics of the Game” in COSMOS Magazine: The Science of Everything, Issue 56, April/May 2014. Available to be read online from the COSMOS site or in the printed magazine.

Whether you vote for them or not, I hope you read them — particularly as two of them are available for free. The Rocketeer: Jet-Pack Adventures is worth getting hold of and reading for the sheer pulp awesomeness of the stories, based as they are (with approval of the estate of original creator, writer and illustrator Dave Stevens). I had a great time writing that one, which is, I must say, rather out there (as they say) in its storyline.

Otherwise, please, if you are a member of Australian fandom, nominate ANY eligible work you have enjoyed in 2014. The more people who get involved, the better the award. You can nominate online here:


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